do multitasking

It’s exactly 8:00 am. My alarm rings. I open up one eye, slowly hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. Five minutes later and it’s the alarm again. I hit the snooze one more time and roll to the other side of the bed. It’s useless: five minutes later again and the same noise telling me to wake up in a very loud way. It’s around 8:43 am and I’m finally able to open up both eyes.
I get up. I’m already late – I’m definetly not a morning person. While I go to the kitchen I try to figure out what I will be wearing that day. I picture my closet and get the bottle of milk. “It seems a little cold outside – and also very bright”, I think as I check the window and the people passing by, “they are all wearing pullovers”. And then it’s 10 minutes past what it should be, the clock in the kitchen is telling me. I grab a slice of bread and go back to my room where I finish my breakfast while I get dressed. A skirt, a bite, a shirt, another bite, a shoe and all my cup of black coffee in one last and long sip.
I brush my teeth, put my contacts on, check my hair in the mirror – “oh my god, it doesn't seem too nice today” – I run my fingers thru them and that’s it. My bag, my keys, my i-pod and I’m off on the street.

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