da homework

missão: escrever dois parágrafos no passado em inglês. ok, mas é sobre o q? "sobre o q vc quiser, tem q ser algo q já aconteceu, pq eu quero ver como anda o seu passado em inglês. qualquer coisa".
poxa, qualquer coisa?? eu tenho 26 anos de coisas pra contar. eu tenho q escolher uma q eu tenha algo a dizer em dois parágrafos.
o mais difícil foi acertar o tema, não a gramática.

e ficou assim:


The first time I went abroad I should have been about twelve years old. I used to go to the same beach every summer - and every winter. I knew some cities in the countryside. I had been to Minas Gerais once with a school trip. And that was it. My world was restricted to some few cities in two states.

Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today.

I had heard many things about New York before. Everybody had. You can't live today and don't. Big city. Big apple. Capital of the world. But, had never been to a foreign country before, I didn't know exactly what to expect. It was february, so, the cold. The cold as I had never known, by the way. The cold that really is cold - not what we called cold in Brazil. The cold came first: the airport door slided away and the wind brought the winter. I crossed my arms and rubbed my hands against each other. I looked throu the window: two story houses with white rooftops, a yellow cab and a lady in a very long all black muslim outfit.

It was only the hall of the airport. I had yet another seven days in the city.
I never forgot it.

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